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ā€” Oscar Wilde.

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God's World


God’s world he planned

dividing forests and urbanized land

one side its rhino managing on rock

other side Engine train running with clock

there flora and fauna

here pollution and trauma

there its natural

here its manufactured

There its factual

here its tactful …

I will never Die…

Image result for army father and daughter pic

With wet Eyes

he smiles

A father

leaving for duty

going away from his little child….

Removed his chain

along his name

placing on his daughters little palm

he says…

Always remember my angel my Girl

you’re the best

I am always standing by your next

no matter how near or apart

you will find me right in your heart…

holding his hand, she softly said

Dad… the other day

when I was not well

my friends ask

who cares for you?

where is your dad? tell…

My sweetheart, please do not cry

not a single moment pass by

that I am not thinking of you

but this world is filled with hate

fighting destined our fate

there are poisonous snakes in green grass

need to catch them for a social class….

My child I wish to be

every minute with you

but my mother needs me more

what all I can say is more true …..

has there been another world

no boundaries no fear

I could have proved my self

your hero my dear….

Every time your father would have been there

to see you growing

to make you smile

to take your every care….

Has there been another world

of respect and unity

would have spent all my time with you,

here I lost this opportunity ….

Remember my Angel

leaving back with you my heart

no matter what

I will come back

may be wrapped

but, do not cry


You can never die

can never die

but I hate this world who part us and make me say GOOD BYE…

AKHAND BHARAT Undivided India

Digging deep the roots Down and Down

When India was wearing a different crown

Mighty Mauryan King was born to rule every Ruler

Brave and charismatic fought with every Intruder

His energy is still alive in every Indian at every corner

Applause and Praises he garner

Master of Whole India Chandragupta Maurya was the man

Who Unified India as one Nation with his ability and Plan

With his dignity and Courage his nation is still standing Spree

Widening his wings, every possible boundary he brought under one Marquee

Gained Ocean of knowledge under guidance of Chanakya

Laid Foundation stone of AKHAND BHARAT Undivided India

Connected India with highways and GT road

Glorious Empire he made, respected and bowed

with the thread of kindness, Justice and equality

he established polity

Wining every heart he moved forward

Fighting upfront not like coward

Every Indian is born with same zeal and wisdom

Love for India is above all irrespective of any religion

Remember his Grandson The Great Ashoka

who won the wearying Land of Kalinga

When world have witnessed rise and fall of many Dynasties

Centuries back India attained Its Vital Beauty


India is Just not a Country, its a land of love of and culture

Reading its history is full of adventure

here united hands fought for their mother land

victory was celebrated with divided clans

trains and buses filled with blood red

were exchanged who got the cred?

Image result for dividing india and pakistan

Dividing the unified Indian boundaries

based on divide and rule theories

People were forced to exchange borders

blameless hearts were broken on every order

leaving behind old friends and beautiful memories

Still people are fighting to rule their religious identities

behind they left their hard earned treasures

orphans widows and every family members

sacrifice and everywhere was blood shead

killing of one another was dread

most of all lost their flying feathers

just to obey obediency to leaders

it was a horrible scene of cruelty

burning and digging caves of humanity

Divided beautiful Nation

still instigation

Image result for india and pakistan

India live to its promises and words

donated its parts to let go few disrespecting birds

Related image

Taking Ashoka Chakra on Indian Flag

Indians are holding warriors tag

Jai Hind …

My HOME is calling me back…

My Home is calling me back to those Dirt Roads

To those mountains where I used to stride and strode

My homeland where resides Trikuta Hills

Covered with White Snow where winter chills

My Home is calling me back to those lakes and River banks

To those Tunnels where I used to shout and clank

My homeland where lies Chinab Valley in the middle and Outer Himalayan Range

Where beauty of Nature is Rearranged…

My home is calling me back to those Seraphic Temples and Holy cave Shrines

Across those Bridges where I used to catch the sun shine

My homeland where Blessings depicted in Naturally formed Pindis and Shivlingums

Where Every story of History Talks about Wisdom

My home is calling me back to those Innocent people I belong to

Remembering those memories which I laughed through

My homeland where Moms Magic is in rich Authentic food

Where her smile can bright my off mood

My Hometown where my heart dwells in

Pulling me back, calling me back my cities Jewel

Though Moon is similar where ever I go

but my hometown Jammu have a different Glow

#Jammu #Jammu&kashmir