Letter to Kalyani

I moved through the streets to meet you with determination 
to discuss with you my  stories, my inspiration
long team huddles breaking my gossiping sensation 
looking at your smiling face was my only relaxation...
how I can ever forget the  precious time spent with you
those strolls, food courts and your company making my face glow
walking against the winds to reach you every morning 
everyone rushing and we both always patiently crawling
Of course, how could I forget the girl who filled love in me and never let me fall  
you are my angel you are my best doll...
I might could not ever again be around you
I miss you always and that's true....
Spent with you was always my best time
Tim Luck Luck the last venue to dine
You are the best partner in crime 
you are my love angel 
Kalyani you are my sunshine....


How the sentiments of People of Jammu are associated with Maharaja Hari Singh and they demand a UT Holiday on his Birth Anniversary

Banished from his own land

The sentiments of People of Jammu are associated with Maharaja Hari Singh and they demand a UT Holiday on his Birth Anniversary“….

Jammu and Kashmir, situated in the lap of the Himalayas in the north of India, have been trapped in the whirlpool since the independence of India. Most of these are less natural and more artificial. British American diplomacy has given birth to it, and the governments of independent India have increased it. Jammu lost its Identity with Maharaja Hari Singh. “The sentiments of People of Jammu are associated with Maharaja Hari Singh and they demand a state Holiday on his Birth Anniversary.”
Maharaja Hari Singh was born on 23 September 1895. He gained his early education from Indian and European teachers and later in 1908 taken admission in Mayo College in Ajmer. He was military tested in the Imperial Cadet Corps at Dehradun. At the age of 30 on 23rd September 1925, he was honored with the royal consecration. Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir had a powerful Identity and always served his Nation with glory.

The Maharaja opened the doors of the Raghunath Temple for Schedule caste and Minority”

In 1928, Maharaja implemented land reforms. On his own initiative, “the Maharaja opened the doors of the Raghunath Temple for schedule caste and Minority” Made education compulsory for boys, started giving stipends for education of Muslims. In 1934, he formed the Praja Sabha, which had 75 members, in which 33 members were to come by election, 21 were Muslims, 10 Hindus, and 2 Sikhs.

“First Round Table Conference organized in London in 1930

When First Round Table Conference organized in London in 1930, Maharaja Hari Singh nominated as president of the ‘Narendra Mandal’, and he participated as representative of all the rulers of Princely States of India. The British did not want him to favour India’s demand of Independence. They believed he was in the interest of the rulers of The Princely States. But the Maharaja extended his support for The Independence of India. In his speech he said that as a loyal Indian towards his birth land, the king of the states will remain Indian, I would like to live in the Commonwealth as a nation of respect and honour. With his Powerful Speech he did his best attempt for India’s Independence. The valour of The Maharaja was courageously displayed by his words, but history failed to do justice to him, his Name and his Power.

This stance had a profound impact on his relations with the British. The Maharaja was still in Europe that the movement against him in Kashmir intensified. There was a big protest in Srinagar on 15th July against this incident. In October, People in large groups started coming from Punjab to help the so-called oppressed Muslim brothers in Kashmir. Due to these groups, when the state of law control started getting out of control, the British government had to intervene. According to the Treaty of Amritsar of 1846, they were bound to it. It is noteworthy here that Punjab was under the authority of the British, and these groups were coming from there. But until the situation got out of control, the British government made no effort to stop it.

“Suspected that this movement had the support of the British from behind the scenes

In September 1934, the Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference won 19 out of 21 seats scheduled for Muslims. But resigned a year later citing lack of rights. Here one aspect attracts attention, After the Russian Revolution; the British did not want to take any threat from the Soviet government. Gilgit was extremely important from this point of view whose care was based in Srinagar, a political agent of the Governor General of India.
In the midst of the turmoil in Kashmir, the British pressured that the trick to acquire Gilgit was done.
However, the Maharaja was not ready to relinquish his sovereignty over him. But even while maintaining sovereignty, the civil and the military acclaim of a part of the Indus River was given to the British. Surprisingly, after the British got this lease, the intensity of the movement against the Maharaja suddenly decreased. From this, “It is suspected that this movement had the support of the British from behind the scenes.”
And in the next few months, the Maharaja faced every difficulty that had a direct or reverse relation with dirty Politics, divide and rule policy of the British and Betrayal. As there was another inside story of Jammu and Kashmir Princely state which I skip to discuss here. The next few months were filled with turmoil. Independence of India, its partition, birth of Pakistan everything had happened and in this situation, the Maharaja had to take many important decisions, including the merger of his territory.

Situation of indecision

Maharaja was going through a situation of indecision. Time was also passing by;
Pakistan’s eyes were fixed on Jammu and Kashmir and were preparing to occupy Kashmir forcefully. India was facing post-Partition tragedy. The Maharaja was constantly in touch with Nehru Ji and Patel Ji through his Prime Minister, Mayor Chand Mahajan and was warned about the changing circumstances, but instead of being helped by another, Pressure was being made that the power should be given to Sheikh Abdullah.

The only Person to decide the merger of the princely states was Maharaja Hari Singh

The state of Jammu and Kashmir was the largest princely state of the country. Being on the border of both the countries, both countries were naturally inclined to join with the Royal State and its glorious heritage.
The only Person to decide the merger of the princely states was Maharaja Hari Singh. Jinnah was pressuring the Maharaja to merge with Pakistan. Mahatma Gandhi asked him to take decisions according to the wishes of the people. Despite this, the Maharaja extended his sincere tribute to his Mother Land and decided to merge with India and Chooses India for his Princely State. 26th October 1947 Maharaja Hari Singh Signed the Instrument of Accession. No one should question the delay in taking decision by Maharaja Hari Singh because thinking about the betterment of Jammu and Kashmir and its people was his priority and his decision was already taken in the “First Round Table Conference organized in London in 1930.”

On 26 October, 1947 the Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession knowing that Nehru ji was not in his support and he will declare Sheikh Abdula the heir of the princely state. Maharaja extended his love for his Motherland irrespective of the hardship and betrayal. On 27th October, 1947 Lord Mountbatten began the process of accepting the merger. Sheikh Abdullah was appointed head of emergency administration on October 30, 2012.

Letter to the then Deputy Prime Minister Vallabhbhai Patel”

In his letter to the then Deputy Prime Minister Vallabhbhai Patel, while expressing regret, Maharaja Hari Singh wrote – Within two months of the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with India, the areas and regions of Jammu and Kashmir i.e. Alibheg, Mirpur town, Bhimber town, Deva, Batla area, Rajouri town, Samba, Nowshera, Jhangar and Kotli region lost to Pakistan. He wrote expressing concern that he himself is said to lead the command of the Indian Army.
So that intruders and Pakistani military forces can be repulsed from the state.
The Government of India ignored his suffering and patronized Sheikh Abdullah. Sheikh Abdullah was made the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir on 5th March 1948 by an announcement.

On 1 May 1949, Vallabhbhai Patel suggested Maharaja Hari Singh to leave the state for some time. While obeying it, Maharaja Hari Singh Ji decided temporarily moving out of the state for health related reasons. In his absence, his legal appointed powers and rights were announced to Yuvraj Karan Singh.

Maharaja Hari Singh left Jammu and made an appearance in Mumbai and never returned

20 June He left Jammu and made an appearance in Mumbai and never returned. Only the speed of this era will say that the country’s largest and most valued Princely state is experiencing misfortune. This Maharaja, who gifted the most important state of India, lived a lonely life for more than a decade away from his kingdom and his people. He died on 26 April 1961 at the age of 65 due to a cardiac arrest. A Worrier died who gifted his heart and soul to his motherland India.

Due to the rule of The Dogra dynasty over the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the people of Jammu never got the need to do anything against the state policy. Maharaja Hari Singh was a ruler who took care of the interests of the people, so the people of Jammu did not take the initiative to give birth to any political campaign. In contrast, there was a movement against the Maharaja in the Kashmir Valley, which also had indirect support from the British and Sheikh Abdullah where Indian leadership also continues to make mistakes in the case of Jammu and Kashmir. Not only has the entire Jammu and Kashmir paid its price, but the country is still paying and this raised political division of thoughts and opinions amongst people where greed of Politics conquered the region of Jammu and Kashmir and Glory of Dogra Dynasty and Unity Died.

Where Sacrifice of our great Dogra leaders is never discussed and never appreciated, here people of Jammu wants 23rd September, Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh as a gazette holiday for Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu should stand together for its region, culture, and people, Where Dogra’s unite and stand for a common growth of Jammu and its Identity will be the real tribute to Our Great Maharaja Hari Singh and his sacrifice. Jai Duggar Jai Dogra.

Thank You

(Jammu di Chidi)

Painted by Leonardo da Vinci’s Brush

World famous Mona Lisa painting might not actually be finished | Metro News
Not glories of blood 
Mysterious you are 
about you no stories heard 
made up of magic 
painted by Leonardo da Vinci's brush
you are terrific ....

Mystifying smiles
some see you laughing
some feels your lips baffling cries 
no matter what you hide
you still standing with silence
Ignoring the crowd and Noise....

No one can write his heart, who made you
forget who forged you
People will agitate through confusion
Your Maniacal stare is Illusion 
dead from the deep inside
your creation we cannot analyse ....

Painted by Leonardo da Vinci's brush
Monalisa - A reality of fantasy 
wrong to prejudge her attracting gravity 
Black, white and mild colors smudge
could feel the warmth of your invisible blush....

Let not the Prayers End

Sadhavi Khosla🇮🇳 on Twitter: "Here's our Vighnaharta Ganesh- the ...
Goddess Parvati playing with Yellow Clay
She created Ganesha while Sitting across the bay
her worries now will allay
rampart of Ganesha's power will outplay,
Prayers Knocked at heavens door
Rendezvous they ensure
appointment of Ganesha visiting every home
Sliding down in lap of Earth from skies dome ,
Residing at every house
riding on his defined Mushak _ mouse 
Resting on decorated couch
his turban shining with emerald brooch, 
with his trunk accepted all the offerings 
with his smile abraded all the sufferings 
let not the prayers end 
Loud music with colors in air will blend....
Oh my worries, where are you roaming?
stay aside, Monarch is coming...

Turning Skies…

Autumn Sunrise - Forests & Nature Background Wallpapers on Desktop ...
Seasons secretly mark their presence 
with gentle changing morphism
where hot sun dim its light & moon brights to shine
summers fall in arms of Autumn to resign
Winters with snowfall twine 
exhilarates the importance of old wine ....
Colors of life 
keep changing like turning skies 
like Rivers keep flowing adding beauty around the Sight
flow with time
 as you may not touch the same water of springs twice... 
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